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Vestige MLM Company: Profile, Products, History, Benefits

Welcome, dear friends! Thank you for joining us once again. Today, we are excited to share with you the detailed Business Plan for Vestige Marketing Company in the year 2023. In this article, we will delve into the rich history of Vestige, explore its current standing, and provide insights into its promising future. Understanding a company’s background is crucial before considering any association with it.

Before we proceed, we would like to emphasize that the information provided here is purely for educational purposes. The opinions expressed are our own, and the decision to join or not is entirely up to you. We do not endorse any specific profit or loss projections.

Let’s get started and discover the fascinating world of Vestige Marketing Company.

What is Vestige Company and when and how was it started?

In this era of constant innovation and growth, India’s position as one of the world’s top 5 economies continues to strengthen. Alongside this progress, the realm of direct selling and network marketing is experiencing rapid development within our country.

Direct selling and network marketing are future-oriented businesses that hold immense potential. Recognizing this, various companies in India are striving to establish a strong foothold in this industry. Both foreign and Indian companies are actively working towards expanding the network marketing landscape in our country.


One notable player in this field is Vestige Marketing Company. Founded on 2nd June 2004 by visionary entrepreneurs Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, and Kanwarbir Singh, Vestige started its journey with just two offices located in Delhi and Bangalore. Their primary objective, encapsulated in the Vestige slogan “Wealth Through Wellness,” aimed to improve people’s health without compromising on quality. Today, after nearly 16 to 17 years of dedicated efforts, Vestige Company has flourished, boasting over 60 branch offices and more than 5000 distributor centers.

Notably, Vestige Marketing Company is proudly Indian-owned and operated.

India’s robust economy serves as a catalyst for the expansion and success of direct selling and network marketing ventures. As the country continues to witness remarkable growth, these innovative business models are playing a significant role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape and offering lucrative opportunities to individuals across the nation.

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Director of Vestige Marketing Company

Vestige Marketing Company stands as a testament to the power of experience and expertise. With over 20 years of industry knowledge, the company’s three directors bring a wealth of leadership and guidance.

Gautam Bali Ji, the Managing Director, spearheads the company’s strategies and plans. Kanwarbir Singh Ji, as the Information Technology Director, oversees all online and technology-related aspects. Deepak Sood Ji, the Sales & Operations Director, ensures smooth product sales and associated operations.

Vestige Marketing Company has not only made its mark in India but has also expanded its network to countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Philippines, Nigeria, and more.

As it forges ahead, the company aims to establish a presence in at least 50 countries by 2025. With its unwavering determination and rapid progress, Vestige is poised to achieve this goal even before the set target date.

The headquarters of Vestige Marketing Company is located in Okhla, Delhi, while its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and production center span an impressive 2,25,000 sq ft in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Equipped with cutting-edge machinery, this facility handles everything from production to packaging, ensuring top-notch quality at every step.

The expansive network of Vestige has sparked an upsurge in demand for its products online. To cater to this growing demand, the company has recently introduced a range of exciting new products. These offerings are available not only through offline channels but also through prominent e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and the official Vestige website – myvestige.com.

Join the ever-increasing tribe of satisfied customers and distributors as Vestige Marketing Company continues to lead the way with its exceptional products and widespread availability.

Vestige Company Overview-

  • Official Name Vestige Marketing Company Limited
  • Website https://www.myvestige.com/
  • Company Identification Number U51909DL2004PTC126738
  • Director Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood
  • Head Office Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.A-89, Okhla Industrial Area Phase II, New Delhi 110 020
  • Started On 02, June,2004
  • Customer Care Number-18001023424,Chennai: 044-28252516,Bhubaneswar: 0674-2573326,Kolkata North: 033-40016441,Kolkata South: 033-40034921

Vestige Products List-

Before delving into the world of MLM direct selling, it’s essential to grasp the key differences that set it apart from conventional selling approaches.

In our everyday market, products are typically sold through indirect selling methods. This process involves a complex chain starting from the manufacturer’s factory to the national agent/branch, then to state branches, main branches in each state, district branches, wholesaler networks, and finally reaching local retailers.

Ultimately, customers purchase these goods from nearby shops or stores. This traditional system of selling, known as indirect selling, has been in practice for centuries.

However, MLM direct selling presents a fresh and dynamic alternative.

In direct selling, products are promoted and distributed directly from the manufacturer or company to individual distributors or independent representatives. These representatives then sell the products directly to customers, creating a more streamlined and efficient process. By bypassing multiple layers of intermediaries, MLM direct selling eliminates unnecessary costs and complexities associated with traditional supply chains.

This revolutionary approach to selling offers a host of benefits, including enhanced customer relationships, personalized service, and greater earning potential for distributors.

With MLM direct selling, individuals have the opportunity to become independent business owners, building their own networks and earning income based on their sales efforts and the sales of their recruited team members.

As the landscape of commerce continues to evolve, MLM direct selling provides a compelling and empowering avenue for entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Stay tuned as we explore the intricacies of this dynamic industry, uncovering the top MLM direct selling companies that are transforming the way we do business.

Indirect Selling vs Direct Selling

Direct selling- is a revolutionary sales method that eliminates the intermediaries and brings products directly from the manufacturer to you. This innovative approach removes all the middlemen, ensuring that you receive all the benefits without any additional layers. It’s an exciting and transformative system that offers numerous advantages.

Unlike traditional selling methods, direct selling establishes a direct connection between the manufacturer and the distributor or consumer. This streamlined process enables you to enjoy a host of benefits while receiving products.

With intermediaries eliminated, direct selling ensures greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.

Embrace this new and wonderful system of direct selling, where goods are produced by manufacturers and delivered directly to distributors and consumers like you.

By cutting out unnecessary intermediaries, you experience a more efficient and rewarding sales experience.

What is network marketing? What is Multi Level Marketing? What is Network Marketing in Hindi? What is Multi-Level Marketing in Hindi?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a dynamic marketing strategy where companies directly deliver their products and services to customers. Unlike traditional marketing methods, MLM empowers consumers to become distributors themselves, sharing the products and services with others. This unique business model allows individuals to earn significant benefits from the company’s offerings, creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

As an MLM distributor, you have the opportunity to build a thriving business by introducing the products and services to a wide network of potential customers. By leveraging your personal connections and network, you can effectively market and distribute these offerings, earning a substantial portion of the profits along the way.

MLM offers a pathway to financial success and personal growth. Through this direct approach, you can unlock a world of possibilities, expanding your customer base and building a loyal team of distributors who share your passion for the company’s products and services.


We hope you get all the knowledge regarding the MLM Company Vestige. Join the MLM revolution and experience the potential it holds for your entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned as we explore the top MLM companies that are making waves in the industry, providing lucrative opportunities and empowering individuals to achieve their dreams.



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