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What is Vestige Agri82,Price,Dosage, Review, Usuage 2023

Today’s discussion holds immense significance for our hardworking farmer brothers and anyone seeking insights into Vestige’s range of agricultural products.

Our focus today is on Vestige Agri82, a remarkable line of agricultural offerings by Vestige.

Vestige Agri82 marks the company’s pioneering venture into the agricultural domain, symbolizing Vestige’s commitment to this sector.

Over time, Vestige has expanded its agricultural product portfolio, currently encompassing eight essential products available in varying quantities.

What sets these offerings apart is their unwavering commitment to organic farming, devoid of any harmful chemicals or toxins. Vestige’s agricultural experts firmly believe in the power of natural substances, which provide superior nourishment compared to conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

In light of this philosophy, Vestige introduced its first agricultural product, Agri82, a few years ago. Even today, Agri82 continues to reign as Vestige’s best-selling agricultural offering.

During the farming season, Agri82 consistently outperforms other renowned products in the Vestige lineup. Now, let us delve into the unique aspects that make Agri82 truly exceptional. Throughout this article, we will explore:

  1. Organic Formulation: Agri82 is meticulously crafted using purely organic ingredients, ensuring the health and well-being of your crops without any harmful substances.
  2. Crop Nourishment: This remarkable product nourishes and nurtures your crops, promoting robust growth and bountiful yields.
  3. Soil Enrichment: Agri82 enhances soil fertility by providing essential nutrients and minerals, resulting in fertile soil that fosters optimal plant development.
  4. Pest and Disease Management: By bolstering plants’ natural defense mechanisms, Agri82 aids in combatting pests and diseases effectively, reducing reliance on harmful pesticides.
  5. Nutritional Superiority: When used as directed, Agri82 enhances the nutritional profile of your crops, ensuring they are packed with wholesome goodness.

Vestige Agri82 is a true game-changer for farmers, offering a natural and effective solution to elevate crop quality and yield. By incorporating Agri82 into your agricultural practices, you can experience the rewards of organic farming while contributing to a healthier environment.

  • एग्री82 क्या है? What is Vestige Agri82?
  • यह कैसे बनता है? How Vestige Agri82 is made?        
  • इसकी कीमत एवं पीवी कितनी है? What is the Price and PV of Vestige Agri82?
  • इसके क्या क्या फायदे हैं? What are the benefits of Vestige Agri82?
  • इसका इस्तेमाल कैसे एवं कितना करना है? What is the dosage and usage of Vestige Agri82?
  • इसका इस्तेमाल कब नहीं करना है? When Agri82 should not be used?
  • क्या इसके कोई नुकसान हैं? What are the Side effects of Agri82?

Friends, today’s entire article is based on the Agriculture Training training given by Vestige Leader Agriculture Expert and famous leader Shivam Singhal. Shivam ji gives training in Vestige Agri Products Vestige’s agri products and agriculture in different parts of the country.

Vestige Agri82 Full Information in Hindi-

  • Crafted exclusively from natural ingredients, Agri82 is a revolutionary liquid formula that aims to transform crop cultivation.
  • Unlike traditional fertilizers and pesticides, Agri82 acts as a potent activator, revolutionizing the way crops are grown.
  • With its unique composition, Agri82 Non-Ionic contains 82% active substances that swiftly interact with the soil upon application.
  • Functioning as a remarkable Rheology Modifier, Agri82 ensures stability even in the presence of water flow, providing consistent benefits.
  • Once applied to plants, Agri82 acts as an adhesive, firmly enhancing plant health and vitality.
  • After extensive research and development, Vestige has successfully integrated Agri82 into approximately 30 different crops, consistently delivering outstanding results.
  • This groundbreaking product has undergone rigorous testing and certification by esteemed agricultural universities and institutes, validating its efficacy and reliability.
  • Agricultural scientists have recognized the remarkable potential of Agri82, suggesting that its utilization can potentially reduce crop costs by up to 30%.
  • Farmers across the nation have experienced the tangible benefits of Agri82, praising its effectiveness in optimizing crop yields and overall agricultural productivity.

Here are the prices and PV (Point Value) of Vestige Agri82 in different quantities:

  • Vestige Agri82 5Ltr: Priced at ₹3,319, it provides distributors with 110.63 PV.
  • Vestige Agri82 500ml: Priced at ₹377, it offers distributors 12.57 PV.
  • Vestige Agri82 300ml: Priced at ₹270, it grants distributors 9 PV.

Please note that these prices and PV values are subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the Vestige product catalog or consult with your distributor.

What are the Benefits of Vestige Agri82?

  • Versatile Compatibility: Vestige Agri82 can be mixed with various agricultural substances such as insecticides, fertilizers, fungicides, weed killers, and tonics. Its unique formulation acts as an activator, amplifying the effectiveness of these substances when combined. For instance, by incorporating Agri82, you can reduce the quantity of insecticides needed while achieving enhanced results. If you previously used 100ml of insecticide, now you may only need 60ml to achieve even better outcomes.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: By utilizing Agri82, you can maximize the efficiency of your other fertilizers and minimize wastage. This not only helps you save money but also ensures that your resources are utilized optimally, reducing unnecessary runoff and environmental impact.
  • Enhanced Water Retention: Agri82 facilitates the retention of water on the surface for extended periods, thereby reducing the water requirements of your crops by up to 30%. This characteristic is especially beneficial in water-scarce regions or during dry periods, as it helps ensure your plants receive adequate hydration even under challenging conditions.

Harness the power of Vestige Agri82 to enhance the effectiveness of your agricultural practices, conserve resources, and promote healthier crop growth.

Benefits of Vestige Agri82

  • Enhanced Spreading: Agri82 acts as a spreader, increasing the coverage area of your manure. Previously, you would use one kilogram of manure per acre, but with Agri82, you can now apply the same amount of manure to one and a half to two acres, maximizing its impact.
  • Effective Activation: Agri82 serves as an activator, instantly activating the fertilizers and medicines mixed with it on your crops. It also activates the fertilizers already present in the soil, ensuring efficient nutrient uptake by the plants.
  • Adhesive Properties: Acting like a glue, Agri82 keeps the compost adhered to the leaves and plants, even during rain. This prevents the need for repeated fertilization and ensures sustained nutrient availability.
  • Moisture Retention: Agri82 helps soak the ground and maintain moisture levels, ensuring your plants receive adequate hydration, even in dry conditions.
  • pH Balance: It creates a balanced pH environment, preventing the soil from becoming excessively acidic or alkaline, thereby promoting optimal plant growth.
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption: Agri82 opens up pores in the soil, allowing the fertilizers to reach the roots of the plants effectively. This enhances the overall efficacy of the applied manure.
  • Versatile Application: You can mix Agri82 with various fertilizers and medicines, making it suitable for easy application in your farming practices.
  • Rapid Dissolution: Agri82 quickly dissolves in water, facilitating convenient usage and application.
  • Enhanced Mixing: It ensures proper mixing of fertilizers, preventing them from settling above or below the water. This guarantees a homogenous solution for optimal nutrient distribution.
  • Cost Savings: By incorporating Agri82, you can reduce the usage of other expensive fertilizers by up to 30%, leading to significant cost savings in your agricultural operations.
  • Natural Organic Formula: Agri82 is derived from natural organic ingredients, making it safe for plants and environmentally friendly.

Unleash the power of Vestige Agri82 and experience its transformative effects on your crops and farming practices. Invest in sustainable growth and maximize your agricultural productivity.

Full Dosage and Usage of Vestige Agri82 Information

  • While spraying with any other fertilizer: Mix 5-10ml of Agri82 with 15 to 20 liters of water.
  • While spraying with any other fertilizer (for large-scale application): Mix 200-250ml of Agri82 with 500 liters of water.
  • Petrol spray while spraying with any other fertilizer: Add 15ml of Agri82 per liter of petrol.
  • Irrigation application: Add 250ml of Agri82 per acre of water for efficient results.
  • Fertilizer mixing during spraying: Add 5-10ml of Agri82 per 1kg of fertilizer or 750ml per 50kg of fertilizer.
  • For optimal results, reduce the application of regular (without Agri82) fertilizer by 25% to 30% when using Agri82.

With the precise dosage and usage guidelines mentioned above, you can effectively harness the benefits of Vestige Agri82 and witness remarkable improvements in your agricultural practices.

 When Vestige Agri82 should not be used?

It’s important to consider certain factors when using Vestige Agri82:

  • Always use Vestige Agri82 in conjunction with other fertilizers and medicines. It is designed to enhance the effectiveness of these products and should not be used alone.
  • Avoid using Vestige Agri82 as a standalone spray. It needs to be combined with other substances to maximize its benefits.
  • Using Vestige Agri82 alone without any other additives will not provide any significant results and may result in wastage of the product and unnecessary expenses.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you make the most of Vestige Agri82 and achieve optimal outcomes in your agricultural endeavors.

What are the Side effects of Vestige Agri82?

While Vestige Agri82 is a safe and effective product, it’s important to be mindful of potential side effects and usage guidelines:

  • Enhanced Effect with Other Fertilizers: Vestige Agri82 is designed to enhance the effectiveness of other fertilizers and substances. However, when used in combination with weed killer or insecticide, it’s crucial to adjust the quantity of those substances. Failure to reduce the amount of weed killer or insecticide may lead to unintended negative effects on the crop, potentially harming its growth.
  • Usage Guidelines: When using Vestige Agri82 with any medicine or fertilizer, it is recommended to reduce the quantity of that particular substance by 30% from the normal dosage. This adjustment ensures the optimal balance and prevents any potential side effects.

By following the recommended usage guidelines and adjusting the quantities accordingly, you can maximize the benefits of Vestige Agri82 while minimizing any potential side effects.


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