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Top 7 Ever Green Anime List 2023 You Shouldn’t Miss

Ever Green Anime List 2021-Over time Anime has transformed in many ways. Every anime enthusiast loves to share their favorite anime but there are several anime that never become old. Whenever you watch them it rejuvenates your soul and body. But the online streaming service changes the way people watch anime.

Newcomers in anime always get confused when choosing the right anime. Japanese animation had always great storylines meanwhile they transformed animation to another level. Now everyone can celebrate, and discover new anime they loved. But in a pandemic, new anime has not been released yet. So we have only the option to watch old anime that has been running for a long time with a great fan following. In the previous post, we already discuss popular anime like Attack on Titans. But until then, we are here to present you with evergreen anime that has been existing for a long time.

Top 7 Ever Green Anime List 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss

#1.Blue Exorcist-

IMD Rating-9.2

Director-Tensai Okamura

Available on- Netflix

This is a super Fantasy natural Action Anime Series. Like Attack on titans, you will be able to see the battles between monsters and humans in this series, which has only 25 episodes. Like the rest of the series, there are not many episodes in it, but due to being short, you will be associated with this series. Its story and animation are quite spectacular, which has been praised by all. If you haven’t seen any of the best anime series before then you can start your anime journey with this anime.

If we talk about its story, then the parents of our character die in their childhood, after which only an Exorcist raised him. One day Blue exorcist learns about his life, after which his story begins. He knows that he cannot change his story but he tries his best so that he can change himself to some extent. To know the whole story you can also watch its prequel which has 12 episodes. If you watch that series, you will be able to see the story of this anime.

Modern elements in this classic shonen make it a best evergreen anime 2021, the story better with special effects and animation. The battle style is exorcism which will make you fall in love with this anime. You can easily grab the charm and seriousness of Blue Exorcist. 


IMD rating-8.9

Director-Shinya Iino

Available on- Netflix

The next anime that is on our list is  Doctor Stone which is also an ever green anime. This series has only 22 episodes which are very interesting to watch. Its story starts from episode 2, on which one day all the people of the earth are transformed into stone. Our protagonist goes to the park that day to express his girlfriend but due to an experiment, they all turn into stone. Due to the short episodes, it is also known as the shortest anime. It is written by Riichiro Inagaki. The first episode is officially streamed on Crunchyroll in 2019 July. 

A sparking unique light, the whole world, including all animals and birds on the earth, turns into stone. Since then, the main character and his friend somehow get out of that stone and tries to start normalizing the earth again with the stone. Both are scientists by profession, who keep doing various experiments in the lab. They knew how to make earth people normal again with the help of science. It became so popular that Dr. Stone Season 2 is still being talked about. DR Stone Releasing Date is in January 2021. Its 2nd season story will focus on Storm War Arc. If you want to watch Dr. Stone Season Online, you can watch 24 episodes of it on Netflix.

#3.Sword Art online-

IMD Rating-8.6

Director-Shinya Iino

Available on- Netflix

The anime that is on our list at number 3 is named Sword art online. If you have seen the Rising of the Shield anime, then you will find it very similar to that of Anime but its story is quite different from that which is why it is on this list. Talking about its story, it is based on gaming in which our main character goes into the future. We can also say that the level of gaming has gone much further in the future. In this, the level of virtual gaming becomes very large, where any player can control the game by wearing his virtual helmet.

The name of the game in it is Sword Art Online, in which all players go into a virtual world to play this game. The turning point in this anime comes when the owner of that game removes the option of log out from the game which scares all the players. Now everyone is afraid of how they will get out of this world and save their lives.

According to the rules of this game, if a player defeats it, he will be killed in real life too. If the health of any player is 0, then it cannot be saved in any way. This anime does not slow down in any way, rather its story gets more interesting. You may remember the Indian movie Ra-one by watching this but it is totally different from that. Sword Art Online anime, released in 2012, has 3 seasons yet, but officially only 1 episode is available on Netflix. Right now Sword Art Online season 4 is on the waiting list.

#4.The Promised Neverland

IMD rating – 8. 4

Director-Posuka Demizu

Available on- Viz Media

This anime is also very interesting which is based on thrilling sci-fi action. Along with this, its story is also different from other anime. Once you see it, you will be attracted to its story. After starting, you will think about how to finish this anime very quickly and maybe you will see a lot of episodes in one day. If we talk about the story then it is set at an orphanage that has many children.

Some rules are made for them. They are also a rule made to no go out of that wall and yet if anyone does it, then they get punished. Apart from this, there are some children who know the secrets of Orphanage, which is why they use them. They come to know about this secret when some boys go against the rule and cross the wall. This is how the story begins. So far Promise neverland Season 1 has been released. But its second season is due to come in 2021.

#5.My Hero Academia

IMD rating-9.2


Available on- Netflix

This is an action-adventure superhero Anime which is the most powerful anime after one punch man. The story begins with the first episode, in which all the characters have some superpower but our superheroes have nothing. He is a normal person but he wants to become powerful. For this, he adopted all kinds of efforts but he could not succeed. Then one day there is an incident in his life that gives him a source of power. Now to see how he turns from hero to superhero, you have to watch this anime.

Its story becomes more interesting as it moves forward. If you are thinking that he gets this power from where then I tell you. He helps a superhero who is happy and gives a part of his power to him, which makes him powerful. You will have to watch this anime to know further. My Hero Academia Season 3 is released and season 4 is due in 2021. If you want to watch this anime you can watch it on Netflix with its English subtitle.

#6.Hunter X Hunter-

IMD rating-8.6

Director-Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Available on- Netflix

The plot of the series is interesting, which is written around the main character. The main character wants to become a hunter since childhood. Although hunters look like humans, they are stronger than humans. Becoming a hunter in this anime series is not so easy, that is why one can become a hunter only after much training.

After surviving all the difficulties, whoever survives is given the tag of hunter X Hunter through a test. The main character in this series is Gon whose father left him in childhood. But as Gon grows older, he realizes that his father was a hunter who can go anywhere. If someone has the tag of Hunter X Hunter, then he can do all this and that is why Gon also wanted to become a hunter.

Its first version came in 1992 and the second in 2011. The story of both seasons is the same, but if you want to watch this series, then you see its 2011 one because the animation in it is very good. It has 8 episodes which are available in English Subbed on Netflix.

#7.Demon Slayer(Kimetsu no Yaiba)-

IMD rating-8.7

Director-Haruo Sotozaki

Available on- Netflix

It is an action-dark fantasy anime that follows the main character who lost his family in an incident. Its story begins when some demons attack Tanjiro’s family, from which he is killed. Gradually the two siblings also go on to become demons and use new powers to avenge their family so that they can take their revenge. He and his sister have lost everything else but to seek revenge, he wants to become a Demon slayer.

If you are an anime lover and have not seen this anime yet, then you have lost one of your masterpiece anime. You must watch this anime once. You will appreciate it from the first episode itself and will not skip a single episode. This is the reason that this anime has created its own niche. Its story catches pace from the beginning, due to which it becomes easy to connect. So far, only one season has come, which was of 24 episodes. Everyone is waiting for Demon Slayer season 2.

#8.Tokyo Ghoul(Kimetsu no Yaiba)-

It is based in the city of Tokyo,  where there are Ghouls. They eat humans. Our character Kaneki plays falls in love with a girl. He later finds out that the one he is in love with is nothing but a ghoul. After going on a date she starts eating from him. But as soon as she starts eating it, some heavy thing falls on her, causing her to die and Kaneki survives. When he is taken to the hospital, his body is mixed with the ghoul, so that half of the body of the Kaneki becomes Ghoul.

Now how he handles this thing will be seen in this series. After watching this you will become a fan of it and for this reason, it is one of the top anime. That is why if you have not seen this series, then you must start watching it.

9. Black Clover-

Now we talk about our next anime called Black Clover. Now the reason for this name being on this list is its popularity. This Anime has left such records that have not been able to make even the biggest anime. In a short time, it has got a place in the heart of the people. Let’s see its story –

The story of Black Clover is about a world where someone has some magic power. It has two brothers, whose name is Asta and Yuno. Asta does not have any magical power, but his brother Yuno has a lot of power.

Asta always wanted to be a Wizard King because he was one of the most powerful people. But it is tough to become a Wizard King without power and this is where the story of Black Clover begins. Apart from this, there is a lot in Black Clover you will love for sure.

This is one of the masterpieces on the list. Alchemist means to change one metal into another and its story also runs on the same theme. That is, if you want something, then you have to keep its equivalent in its place. It has two brothers named Edward and Alphonse. Both of their mothers die in childhood and both of them try to resurrect their mother.

For this, they use a technology known as human transmission, which has become unholy in another world. Our chief character is also very much interested in the alchemist because he has read a lot of books on the alchemist since childhood.

But as soon as he applies technology like human transmission to his mother, that transmission gets spread due to which Edward loses one arm and leg and the younger brother loses his whole body in that transmission. In this way, this experiment gets completely spoiled. But Edward pours his younger brother’s soul into a steel metal that makes his body turn into steel. This is how its story begins.

He goes out in search of the Philosopher’s Stone because his body can be normal as before from that stone.

The story of this anime is amazing and has a lot of fun. If you don’t want to watch the entire webseries then watch at least watch 5 episodes that make you fall in love with anime stories.

11.Dragon ball series-

Now, who does not know the Dragon Ball series because its fans have spread worldwide ever since it was released? Both story and animation together make this anime a legend. Its characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and Majin Boo have all created their own distinct identities.

Its story does not depend on any series because the story of all series was different. But all the characters are taken from the same series and that is Dragon Ball Z.

In this, our main character Goku fights Powerful Monsters since childhood and takes power with new technology to escape the world. His son’s name is Gohan which is a Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan has been described as the most powerful warrior. There is 7 Dragon Ball in it, with the help of which one can fulfill any of his 3 wishes. So every monster comes to earth to collect these dragon balls so they can fulfill their wishes.

Villans like Vegeta, Majin Buu, or Frieza were the topmost villain in the dragon ball series. However, Vegeta joins the Goku team and lives peacefully with earth people but Frieza is killed by Goku.

12. Attack on Titan-

Everyone must have heard the praise of this anime because, since its release, its popularity has increased. We can also say that it spread on every platform like wildfire. There were many such regions in this anime, due to which it became so famous. Like its story and animation. At the time when it was released, its animation was magnificent and this is the reason why people liked it very much. Its mysterious story along with the animation attracted the anime lover.

Its story begins with the Titans who used to kill and eat humans. To avoid this, humans had built large walls so that they could avoid them. This wall is 50 meters high and no Titan knows inside it. But one day a titan breaks that wall and all the titans enter the city. The story of the attack on titans starts from here.

If you are thinking of watching anime, then you must see this anime because it is very mysterious and its story will impress you.

So that’s it for today’s post. If we miss any of your favorite anime then you comment below. Stay tuned for further updates.


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